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Nida Nathani


From health being totally off the radar, to almost my sole focus, to finally finding a balance after finding intuitive eating - no matter what you’re up against, I’ve probably been there! 

Beyond Food Practitioner

Certificate Nutritionist

Emotional Eating Expert

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MY Specializations 

Cancer & Cancer Recovery


High Cholestrol & Heart Conditions

Hormonal Imbalances - Thyroid, Adrenal

Low Testosterone


Type 2 Diabetes

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Voice of Experience:
Personal Testimony

I had the pleasure of working with Nida who helped transform my nutrition lifestyle when I needed it the most. The dedication and commitment Nida had to helping me improve my overall health and well-being are skills I use to this date. 


One aspect I appreciated the most about Nida’s approach was their holistic approach. She helped educate me on the importance of balanced nutrition, taught me how to make mindful choices and helped me gain the confidence to prioritize my health and well being. I didn’t know much about nutrition and the thoughtful education aspect along with her compassionate approach made it very welcoming and achievable. 


Thanks to Nida, I went from having issues with disordered eating, to now being able to use nutrition as a super power to fuel myself as an athlete. It really did transform my life!


- Solana B.

How we Work

Introspective Wellness is the approach used in The Beyond Food Program. The goal of Introspective Wellness is to empower you to utilize the knowledge and expertise provided by the BFP and our team of trained practitioners, while also allowing your own knowledge of yourself, your body, your needs, and your intuition to help develop and drive the process of healing and overall wellness.

The Beyond Food Guided Program




The DIY Beyond Food Online Program:
This 12 Module program is designed to be completed over 12 weeks, but can be completed at your own pace.

The Beyond Food Workbook:
This printable, fillable workbook supports you in working through the 12 Modules, and includes Exercises, Recipes, Trackers & Guides to help you apply the weekly lessons to your life & reach your goals. Use as many or as few as you need.

The Beyond Food Community:
This exclusive community is an off-Facebook community where you can connect with other members & pose your questions to each other and to our team of experts.

Four 60-Minute Practitioner Sessions:
These sessions with a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) specializing in Cancer & Cancer Recovery can be done at any point during the 12 weeks after purchasing the program.

Discounted Supplements:
Working with a CNP means you can access Professional Grade vitamin, mineral & herbal supplements recommended by your Practitioner at a discounted rate.

Access to personalized resources and testing: For some, blood, hair saliva, urine, etc. testing can be useful for targeting your individual nutrient needs.

Work With a Practitioner!

Join a Group 

These year-long intensives are a popular option for individuals looking to seriously address specific and often long-standing health concerns, providing customized plans, robust support and extensive resources.

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Hi - I'm Nida! 

Over a decade ago, I found myself living on my own for the first time - no curfew, able to eat anything and everything I wanted to! - awesome right? Not really...I ended up gaining weight, getting cystic acne, experiencing constant brain fog and feeling like I was border-line narcoleptic (I was falling asleep everywhere!).

I found out I had a ton of food sensitivities and that the only way to avoid everything on the list was to cook everything I ate myself. EVERYTHING. I became obsessed, watching anything and everything I put in my mouth. Even though a lot of my symptoms cleared up, I was miserable! I eventually I gave up and gained more weight than ever.

I knew I had to be missing something...

I started engaging with the teachings of intuitive eating and slowly learned to change my relationship with food. I can finally look at health as a means to support my life goals - for choosing food and health-promoting actions as a way to show ourselves love and respect and am fascinated with how the human body works. I love empowering clients through their journeys with food and a healthy mindset and can’t wait to support you!