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Dannielle Philipson


I help women prioritize their health and wellbeing by creating a balanced lifestyle that enables them to reach their goals while supporting them in building a better relationship with their body, their health while still enjoying the food they love. 

Beyond Food Practitioner

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Certification in Understanding Lab Diagnostics in Clinical Practice

Certification in Herbal Pharmacology and Plant Based Medicine Making

A passionate self-care advocate specializing in digestion, energy, stress, sleep & hormones

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MY Specializations 


Chronic Fatigue

Thyroid Support

Stress Management

Cognitive Health/Brain Fog

Inflammation & Pain Management

Hormone Balance

Mood & Mindset

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How we Work

Introspective Wellness is the approach used in The Beyond Food Program. The goal of Introspective Wellness is to empower you to utilize the knowledge and expertise provided by the BFP and our team of trained practitioners, while also allowing your own knowledge of yourself, your body, your needs, and your intuition to help develop and drive the process of healing and overall wellness.

The Beyond Food Guided Program




The DIY Beyond Food Online Program:
This 12 Module program is designed to be completed over 12 weeks, but can be completed at your own pace.

The Beyond Food Workbook:
This printable, fillable workbook supports you in working through the 12 Modules, and includes Exercises, Recipes, Trackers & Guides to help you apply the weekly lessons to your life & reach your goals. Use as many or as few as you need.

The Beyond Food Community:
This exclusive community is an off-Facebook community where you can connect with other members & pose your questions to each other and to our team of experts.

Four 60-Minute Practitioner Sessions:
These sessions with a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) specializing in Cancer & Cancer Recovery can be done at any point during the 12 weeks after purchasing the program.

Discounted Supplements:
Working with a CNP means you can access Professional Grade vitamin, mineral & herbal supplements recommended by your Practitioner at a discounted rate.

Access to personalized resources and testing: For some, blood, hair saliva, urine, etc. testing can be useful for targeting your individual nutrient needs.

Work With a Practitioner!

Join a Group 

These year-long intensives are a popular option for individuals looking to seriously address specific and often long-standing health concerns, providing customized plans, robust support and extensive resources.

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Hi - I'm Dannielle! 

I have always loved food. At one time I even considered going to culinary school because I loved food and cooking so much! But when my health started to take a turn for the worst, my love of food took me down a completely different path. 


After a 10 year long struggle with my health, I was frustrated and fed up. I was getting diagnosis after diagnosis but never the solutions I was looking for. I was given medications that only traded my symptoms for side effects… and I was getting worse, not better.


Finally, after exhausting the options offered by conventional medicine, I realized that if I was going to regain my health, I would need to figure it out on my own. I started researching and slowly making changes… and slowly, I started to see HUGE improvements! 


I saw the impact that a poor diet (I thought I was eating healthy!), chronic stress (even though I truly believed I wasn’t stressed), poor sleep (I was sleeping 8hrs and still waking up groggy and tired) and digestive issues were having on my health.


After regaining my own health, I wanted to learn more and help others. I went on to receive my designation as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.


I now help others to identify the root causes of their symptoms, and we work together to create an integrative and individualized plan to address their health issues and begin building a balanced lifestyle that works for them.


I work closely with my clients to implement small consistent changes that will support them in attaining their health goals, while also bringing awareness to the negative thought patterns and unhealthy habits that have sabotaged their past efforts and left them feeling stuck, so they can break through these barriers and transform their health for good.