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Getting Real With Molly Sanders

Sep 28, 2018


The last six weeks have been quite the roller coaster. After 2 years in business as Molly and Erica and 1 year of our Get Real to Heal Program to part ways, Erica and I decided to part ways. It was a bittersweet, and I had to very quickly ask myself – what’s next? This isn’t how I thought this year would go, so what am I now going to step into?

I decided to keep moving forward on my own – although I have been far from alone on this mission (more on that later). In the last six weeks, I’ve redesigned the program, I’ve revisited and reinvigorated my brand, I’ve redefined and expanded my mission on this planet.

I surrendered to the fear and the overwhelm I felt in going out on my own, trusted that the universe would provide what I needed and that the people around me would have my back.


I am so excited to be launching my brand and program Get Real to Heal in the next couple of weeks. This program has my heart, my blood, sweat and tears in it. It’s my life’s mission. I found ease, freedom, and power around my own health AND I am a yes to my body.

“I feel gorgeous and kick ass every day and I want that for everyone.”


The relaunch of this program is exciting in a lot of ways, but I think the big one is the new opportunity for me to tell people what the hell it is.

“Yes, this is a nutrition program, but it is SO NOT a nutrition program.”

If you’ve ever watched those documentaries on Netflix about people who really overhaul their lives, they reverse cancer, or they come off insulin or lose hundreds of pounds by changing their diet, it’s awesome, it’s inspiring, right? Those people have something big at stake - if they don’t take those actions, they suffer, they lose limbs or they lose their life. That’s a big kick in the pants.

That kick in the pants doesn’t exist for everyone, or it’s not clear.

So many people want to feel better, look better. And so many people are frustrated and resigned about actually getting what they want because they’ve tried a lot before and never kept anything off.

What people will get here is the kick in the pants AND the freedom and peace that comes with feeling like you’re the one who’s in the driver’s seat.

As someone who binge ate for years and years, I know what the frustration and resignation and guilt feel like. AND as someone who overcame binge eating, I know what it’s like to be on the other side of that. I feel gorgeous and kick ass every day, even when I don’t eat that well, and I want that for everyone.


I am so happy to be offering this program to people out there who have found themselves in a similar position as I was. Having been through my own health journey, I know how hard it can be to go it alone, and it wasn't until I got real not only with myself, but with those in my life who could hold me accountable that I could really move forward. Being real, we need help and support in order to do great things. That is why I couldn't be happier to be offering this program that offers so much support and coaching to people who are ready to take the next step with their health. We're starting the next program this October, so anyone who has been wanting to take steps to improve their health has an opportunity to start with us this fall!