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Watch this space! + Introspective Wellness

Jul 25, 2023
Watch this space! + Introspective Wellness

Hey there, wellness superstars!


Last week, I told you how much I missed you (I did! So much…)


That said, I don’t regret my time away. My fellow entrepreneurs will get this: the first few years are ROUGH, and it’s easy to lose sight of the original vision of a venture, OR get super rigid about the vision and stop evolving when necessary.


Full disclosure: I did both.


When I was growing up, I didn’t know what a supplement was (do Flintsone gummies count?), I had no idea what “organic” meant, and most of the food I ate came out of a box or from a fast food restaurant.


Hello 1994.


When I started learning about holistic nutrition, it was new, fun, exciting. But it was more than that.


It represented a level of ownership and power over my health that I’d never experienced before. And I could. not. shut. up. about. It…


Until I did. Somewhere between 2012 and 2022 I lost that connection to this world. And my time away gave me a chance to hit the reset button, to experiment and play around a little, and fall back in love.




And create something new.


It’s this thing I’m calling Introspective Wellness. Because that’s what I did a lot of during (OK, mostly after) the pandemic.


Introspection. Looking inward. Putting my own health (and life) back into my own hands.


I have some announcements (not quite yet!) for you in the next few weeks and I am SO EXCITED!


Talk soon,



P.S. If you need anything, I’m ready, locked, loaded. Shoot me a DM, Email, WhatsApp or send a carrier pigeon.