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Hey there, I’ve missed you

general Jul 18, 2023
Hey there, I’ve missed you

Hey there, my wellness lovelies…


I’ve missed you. Like, a lot. Let’s do a little catch-up, shall we?


We all know the last few years have been a b*tch. To be fair, I learned a lot about myself, but it took me a hot minute to get to that point.


After 3 bouts of COVID, a social circle of 6, sitting in front of a laptop and working like a crazy person for 14 months, eventually burning out and then wallowing and recovering from that for about 3 months… I was ready to become a person again.


Am I the only one? Didn’t think so.


Side note: some cool stuff happened, too. I started fostering dogs (so bittersweet), adopted one of them (love her), and, oh yea, did I tell you I moved to Bali (so beautiful)?!


OK, lessons learned:


  1. Dissociation is a thing. I did some serious checking out/distracting/numbing/avoiding.
  2. Processing emotions is also a thing. I was more of a “power through” kinda gal pre-pandemic.
  3. I still like people, but I need them in small doses now (Not you. Obviously).


Why am I telling you this again? Right… 


During that time, I closed my nutrition business. I took pretty much any work that came my way without a second thought (hence the work, work, work). It was time for a reset. All that work, while I was good at what I was doing, liked the people I worked with, and even enjoyed a lot of the work…


My biggest lesson learned: I miss being a nutritionist.


I’ve been spending the last few months introspecting, planning, writing, creating, meeting with my team, and expanding my team, and we have A LOT coming down the pipeline.


I’m excited to share it with you soon.


Talk soon,



P.S. If you need anything, I’m ready, locked, loaded. Shoot me a DM, Email, WhatsApp, or send a carrier pigeon.